Safety Tracking & Management Solutions

When you hire Insideout, you get passionate service providers committed to bringing you high-quality safety services to your business.

We are committed to working with you to determine your needs.

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Onsite Medic Services 

Insideout Safety Services Inc. provides medical attendants for all types of commercial and industrial work environments, including construction sites, oil and gas sites, mines, city and highway paving sites, special events, and logging or other forestry sites.

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Are you looking for on-site medic services? Or a simple and effective safety management system for your small business? We can help. Let's get started!

On-site Field Medic

Insideout can provide high-quality medical services to your site or event.

British Columbia:
We can provide  Emergency Medical Responder, Primary Care Paramedic, Advanced Care Paramedic.

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Safety Solutions

Do you want to save time & money operating your safety management system?

Would you like a Safety Program or a GAP Assessment for your current small business program?

Insideout will streamline your safety requirements and tracking safety systems.  As a member of Insideout we can help you with government & industry compliance tracking with our unique software system.  We can provide you peace of mind knowing your company is ready to prove its due diligence to any regulatory body.

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Careers with Insideout Safety

Becoming an Insideout Onsite Medic you are confident in your medical skills while providing quality customer service to our clients.  You are independent, honest and trust worthy and personal drive to continuing your career in the medical industry.

We accept applications on an ongoing basis.  Thank you to all those who apply.  Those who are of  interest will be contacted for an interview.

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